Bantam (15U) / Midget (18U)


General Information

Bantam / Midget Division is a combined age group division.

Bantam players are 14 and 15 years of age during the playing year.

Midget players are 16, 17 and 18 years of age during the playing year.

House League is developmental and recreational and is not intended to subject the children to extreme competition. The intention is to provide the basic fundamentals of baseball and stress sportsmanship and fair play.


Ages: Bantam 2004 - 2005/ Midget 2001 - 2003

Cost: Bantam/Midget- $300.00 (there will be a $50 late fee added to any registrations submitted after March 15, 2019. Registration closes April 1)

Days: Monday - Wednesday

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Season Start: May 1st (Weather Permitting)

Season End: June 30


*Dates and times subject to change depending on the number of teams/players.


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Please email for any questions you have regarding the Bantam/Midget Division.




  • Bantam: The diamond dimensions shall be 80 feet between bases. The pitching rubber distance shall be 54 feet from the tip of home plate.
  • Midget: The diamond dimensions shall be 90 feet between bases. The pitching rubber distance shall be 60.6 feet from the tip of home plate.


Bantam/Midget Rules



Game Times and Nights of Play


Nights of Play are Monday and Wednesday.


Games are to start by 6:30 pm. No new inning to start after 8:00 pm.


All games are to a maximum of 7 innings, if time and weather permits. A game stopped due to weather will be considered complete if 3 innings have been finished. Keep warm-ups to a minimum to get innings in.


Any game where a team has less than 7 players at the diamond 15 minutes past the designated start of the game, it will result in the team forfeiting their right to win, teams will balance players and game play will start. If there are not enough players to balance teams the game will be called and players can leave the diamond.


When playing with 7 players the 8th and 9th place in the batting order are not automatic outs.




GPMBA will update the website no later than 4pm with a rain or weather cancellation, coaches will also receive a text in the event of a cancellation.


Coaches are responsible for arranging for the makeup of a rainout.

Note that once a rainout is called, the game should be rescheduled within one week and played as soon as possible.


Schedule rainouts 780 296 1550




Bases and Pitching Mound


Pitching mound set at 54'    Bases are to be set at 80'


Bat Regulations


Boys                                                                  Girls

Maximum Differential -3                                 Maximum Differential -5

Maximum Diameter - 2 5/8                             Maximum Diameter - 2 5/8

Maximum Length - 34 inches                          Maximum Length - 34 inches


Other General Rules                                                                                                                      

A courtesy runner may be used for catchers when they are on base with 2 outs in an inning for all regular season league games.

 Baseball Canada rules except where identified for the following:


  • Unlimited Substitution - every player present will be placed on the line-up card in the batting order and will all bat in order; players are allowed to move in/out defensively without restrictions except that if the pitcher leaves the mound to play another defensive position, that pitcher may not return to the mound or catch in the same game (see fair play rule below); any player who becomes injured or must leave the game will be skipped in the batting line-up with no
  • All players who are present for a game and in uniform (unless injured and unable to play or suspended for that game by the league or team) must be listed on the batting order/line-up card - any coach who sits a player to gain a competitive advantage will be subject to
  • FAIR PLAY RULE - A player is not to sit more than 2 consecutive innings during the game, and no player shall sit more than 2 innings in a game until all players have sat at least 2
  • Mercy Rule is in effect (10 run differential when the losing team has completed their 4th offensive inning/at bat)
  • Maximum 5 Run/Half Inning Rule - Once the 5th run of a half inning is scored the inning automatically stops no matter how many outs there are and the half inning is over. The last inning shall be an open inning
  • Lead Offs and Stealing are
  • Defensive Players - Maximum of 9 players on the
  • Pitcher - may only pitch fastballs and change-ups




Any player on the team is eligible to pitch, and there are no restrictions to the number of pitchers a coach may use in a game.


A pitcher can only pitch a maximum of 2 innings or a total 64 pitches per game (based on Baseball AB Medium pitch count).


Players cannot pitch and catch in the same game.







45 - 64

2 Days


65 - 79

3 Days


75-90(B) / 80-100(M)


(B) = Bantam

(M) = Midget




  • Cleats are permitted 
  • Double eared batting helmets are mandatory
  • Proper pants and shoes are expected. Sweat pants or ball pants are preferred. Proper running shoes if not wearing cleats.
  • Protective cups both Male and Female is mandatory.


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